Help Viking’s Gustaf Skarsgard Get His Latest Movie Started

Pledge as little as $1 to Kickstarter to get The Highway Is For Gamblers made:

Gustaf Skarsgard stars as Floki in History Channel's VikingsWant to help Vikings star Gustaf Skarsgard (who plays Floki in the History Channel series) get his latest movie up and running? Well it is as easy as pledging $1 to the Kickstarter campaign! The Highway Is For Gamblers already has the majority of its funding but still needs to raise $165,000.


When Jane (Nikki Reed) goes missing, Heidi (Bonnie Wright) must search the desert for her, uncovering secrets and encountering the violence of life on the road.

Nikki Reed (who played Rosalie Hale in the Twilight movies) has been cast alongside Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies). Gustaf will play the role of Lyle. Writer-director Alexandra McGuinness had the following to say about The Highway Is For Gamblers:

I started driving the highways, exploring the desert, which might as well be Mars if seen for the first time. This film is an outsider’s view of California, this group of desert communities, former veins of culture such as Route 66, left to age and whither. Once symbols of American freedom, the towns and outposts off the beaten path have become something darker and more harsh, where people get left behind, lost in the hugeness of it forever, fighting for survival against the sharp reality of dwindling opportunities. In the background there’s the immigration situation, the military, the prisons and detention centers, God, religion, violence, and the American dream. And in the midst of all this strangeness, the idea of being a girl on your own.

This is a story of two best friends who live in the desert, but who dream of so much more.

Like Lotus Eaters, this story explores people struggling to understand who they are and where they are going. But this time, their desire to break free leads them down an even more dangerous path filled with secrets, violence, and the elusive hope of a better future always just beyond their grasp…

You can donate to the Kickstarter project (or find out more) by clicking here.

Let us know if you plan to help out by commenting below!

The Highway is for Gamblers movie poster

Source: Kickstarter – The Highway Is for Gamblers
by Alexandra McGuinness

(Photo Credits: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., The Highway Is For Gamblers movie poster)


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