Is Athelstan Safe in Season 3 of Vikings?

A fan favourite will die in the History Channel’s Vikings:

George Blagden stars as Athelstan in History Channel's VikingsAccording to several quotes by cast at the History Channel’s Vikings panel during this year’s San Diego Comic Con, it seems we will lose a favourite character in Season 3. Many people have speculated that it will be Athelstan who will die due to the fact that the actor who portrays him, George Blagden, has taken on a major role of Louis XIV in the new TV series Versailles.

But is this really just smoke and mirrors? Let’s have a look at what George has to say on Twitter and Instagram.

Four months ago George returned to work on the set of Vikings:


#backtowork #Vikings3

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Two months later, we find this image of George and Travis Fimmel (who plays Ragnar Lothbrok). Both are in costume and appear to be on set:



#thrones #kingandqueen View on Instagram

After that, there isn’t a lot to report on his role in Vikings, but plenty of images of George on set for Versailles. However, in the last few weeks, there has been a flurry of new tweets and photos regarding Vikings again, starting with a tweet assuring fans we will get to see Athelstan in Season 3 – but for how long, many fans have questioned?



Back in Kattegat #Athelstan #Vikings

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Peace be with you!! #vikings#makeup#GeorgeBlagden#rockstar! View on Instagram



At wrap, discovering the magic of #Vikings cheif makeup artist @puffjockey #Athelstan

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Finally, we finish up with this image on Instagram:


…..this feels familiar…. #Athelstan #Vikings

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While it seems the return to Vikings costume may only be for photo stills and promotional pictures, there is the suggestion also that perhaps Athelstan is absent for the middle of the season and then returns at the end.

It is entirely possible Athelstan will die in Season 3 of Vikings, however, I still wonder if maybe this is the perfect example of ‘running with a fan rumour’ to cover up the real death. But who else could die? Historically we know that Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig in the TV series) becomes a bigger ruler than his father. Is it time for Ragnar to die?

Let us know your theories on which fan fave will die in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings by commenting below!

Sources: George Blagden – Instagram, Twitter

(Photo Credits: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Instagram, Twitter)


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