Calling All Aussies – Get Your Viking on at Warburton’s Nordic Festival!

Keep April 17 – 19 free on your calendar in 2015:

Warburton Nordic Festival logo

For Australian fans of History Channel’s Vikings, why not check out Warburton’s Nordic Festival? The event is only held once every two years, so if you miss out in 2015, you will have to wait until 2017 to participate – that’s worse than having to wait for Season 3 to return! While the Nordic Festival is normally held in May, the event has just been moved to April in order to accommodate the fact that Norwegian National Day celebrations also usually occur around May:

Warburton Nordic Festival 2015

In previous years, a Nordic village has been set up, complete with a giant tent hosting Nordic music, as well as authentic cooking. Outside, in the village proper, you can check out old fashioned metal crafting, hair braiding and many other great stores peddling their wares. You can also purchase the classic Viking horned helmet from the township of Warburton. And if you hang around long enough, there just might be Vikings hitting the streets to war among themselves!

Some people choose to dress up for this event, so why not dust off your Lagertha or Ragnar costume and head on down!

Warburton is a small town nestled at the base of Mount Donna Buang in Victoria. The Yarra River runs through the town and it is known for being once the home of the Sanitarium Food Company.

For more information on the Warburton Nordic Festival, you can visit their website by clicking here.

If you want a sneak peek on what to expect, then check out the Nordic Festival’s promo video below:

Let us know if you will be attending this event by commenting below!

Source: Facebook – Warburton Nordic Festival


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