VIDEO: Michael Hirst Weighs In On a Vikings Video Game

Find out if Viking’s writer Michael Hirst thinks a video game of the show is a good idea or not:

History Channel's Vikings writer Michael Hirst (Photo Credit:

Recently there was the announcement of a couple of new games coming out that are inspired by the History Channel’s hit series, Vikings. But what about a video game?

Viking’s creator and writer, Michael Hirst, got the chance to discuss this topic with recently. As well as the possibility of a video game, Hirst got to talk about what it is like to work on such an amazing show. It turns out this TV series was one he was hoping to write about for a very long time. He also talks about many of the various places across the world that owe their legacy in some way or another to the advent of the Vikings.

Michael also brooches the opinion that perhaps the Vikings were not the savages that raped and pillaged we all thought they were. This is a concept that fans of the TV series are now starting to believe was a false representation – especially considering archaeologists are now finding evidence to also dispute this. Perhaps we have been living with the Viking clichés for far too long and it now time for a chance?

Which brings him around to his idea of what the perfect Viking’s game should be. You can find out his answer in the video below:

What would be your perfect version of a video game based on History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your ideas by commenting below!

Source: – Michael Hirst Talks Vikings Video Game

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