Travis Fimmel Discusses the Seedy Underbelly of Vikings Season 3

Travis Fimmel loves playing Ragnar Lothbrok for the ‘little corruption underneath’:

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channels Vikings

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings, there has been little news to report yet on the upcoming Season 3, which makes the wait for its return seem even longer. However, recently an interview with lead actor, Travis Fimmel (who plays main character, Ragnar Lothbrok) came to light which rewards the fans with plenty of new information.

According to Travis, he loves playing Ragnar because:

I like stuff that he has going on, the little corruption underneath … and a lot of it’s bullshitting in a way if you know what I mean. A lot of things he says is just to keep people happy. It’s stuff he doesn’t mean, although that’s more in season three that that comes to light. But there is a lot of secret stuff that you can have and play that’s not necessarily on the page.

So it seems we might find Ragnar with some of his secrets revealed in Season 3. It is any guess as to what underhandedness will be exposed and what the consequences of this will be for Ragnar and his family.

Travis went on to expand on Ragnar’s secrets in relation to the Season 2 finale episode (entitled The Lord’s Prayer) and the revelation that Ragnar only uttered the words to The Lord’s Prayer throughout this episode:

I just felt that whatever I was saying in the episodes leading up were getting me into trouble, and so I thought you could say more without actually saying anything. If you don’t say anything then you don’t give anything away. There is a whole planned conspiracy thing going on, and so Ragnar doesn’t trust anybody. If he tells somebody then he gets hurt, and there is nobody he trusts to say anything to – secrets are better if nobody knows them.

So what else did Travis reveal about Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Well, he had this to say about his son Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) and their parting in Season 2:

Well he goes away or was taken away from me, and I think he was a little bit girly when he came back. So I’ve got issues with that, but any father who has his son taken away from him ends up being pretty angry, and wants to lash out and blame other people. But his son is still by far the most important thing to him – the kids are a lot more important to Ragnar than the women. He likes women; loves his children.

It will be very interesting to see how this relationship develops. Let us know your thoughts and theories on Season 3 of Vikings by commenting below!

You can read the full interview Travis Fimmel did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with leading man Travis Fimmel

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)


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