Celebrate the Vikings Season 2 Release with the Valhalla Dish!

Offer open for one night only (TONIGHT) and only in Sydney, Australia:


Looking for something to do with your Friday night that involves your fave TV show, Vikings? Want to be one of 50 lucky fans that will receive a free copy of Season 2 of History Channel’s Vikings on DVD? Then check out the details below:

With the release of the newest season of Vikings, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has collaborated with Swine & Co., a trendy new restaurant in Sydney, to create a rather interesting marketing event.

For a limited time, Michael Box (the Head Chef), has a special viking-inspired dish on offer at the Swine & Co. The Valhalla Swine dish is available for special order and consist pf roasted pork belly, yellow beetroot puree, toasted rye and oats with a pork reduction dressing alongside tarragon cream with pickled apple pieces.

The dish will be available for tomorrow night only [Friday 7th November 2014], with the first 50 orders receiving a free DVD copy of the second season of Vikings. Bookings are available here with the price of the Valhalla dish listed as $34.

Let us know if you will be attending this event tonight by commenting below!

Source: Capsule Computers – Valhalla dish in Sydney to celebrate Vikings Season 2

(Photo Credit: Swine & Co)


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