Vikings Season 3: Bjorn Understands He is Not Ready to Lead

Alexander Ludwig explains Bjorn’s role in Season 3 of Vikings:

Alexander Ludwig stars as Bjorn in History Channels Vikings

Alexander Ludwig might have found it tough joining an established cast and taking over the mature role of Ragnar’s son, Bjorn (previously played by child actor Nathan O’Toole) – but, luckily, the cast welcomed him with open arms. But how will Bjorn fare in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Alexander had this to say:

In season three he’s his own man. He’s a team with his father and he’s basically learning to lead, because historically that’s what will happen – Bjorn will have to step up and take over … He’s intelligent and so he wants to learn everything he can from his father because he sees that he is a visionary. But at the same time he does want to do better, and he wants to go further. He wants to become even more legendary, and historically that is what happened.

While there is much for Bjorn to learn before he can follow in Ragnar’s (played by Travis Fimmel) footsteps, something he has started to master now is how to fight:

You are definitely going to see that the tables have turned greatly, and he has learnt, he has picked it up, and he’s smart. He is very intelligent and an old sort for how young he is. He understands that he is not ready to lead, but he is going to do everything he can right now to learn so that when he does he have to step up in the near future he’ll be ready to do so.

These scenes are incredibly strenuous as well, considering Vikings is shot on a small budget:

In terms of the fight sequences, that is just so much fun. It’s also super strenuous because we don’t have any crazy special effects. Everything we do is real and gritty, and I think what people really respect about the show is that we do stay really true. I love that it’s so raw, and when we are filming it you are basically in a fight. There are times where you’ll just pull somebody left to you, throw them to the ground and get in a fight that wasn’t planned at all, and it’s kind of fun to be able to do that.

You can read the full interview Alexander Ludwig did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

How do you think Bjorn’s storyline will unfold in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your theories by commenting below!

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Alexander Ludwig

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)


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