Vikings Linus Roache & Michael Hirst Compare TV and Film

TV has finally earned its dues:

History channels vikings promo pic

For many, many years the silver screen has been the pinnacle of story telling. Television, meanwhile, has been the often overlooked bridesmaid thanks to bad acting and just as terrible scripts. In recent years though, this has all changed. Many people thank networks such as HBO for bringing TV viewing up and on par with the movie greats.

So, when HeyUGuys got a chance to sit down with Linus Roache (King Ecbert) and Michael Hirst (writer) from History Channel’s Vikings, the first thing they asked about was the evolution of television. Linus had the following to say:

It’s a golden age; a renaissance. The scale of this show is like epic moviemaking. It is getting to that point that you are on set and there are a hundred horses and these big battle sequences. It’s not just the scope of it, but the storytelling itself. The fact you can tell a story over twenty, thirty, forty or even fifty hours is epic in itself, and within that you can take characters into places that you never could in a film.

Michael weighed in with his opinion:

When I started scriptwriting I would never have worked in TV. You just wanted to work in movies because TV had what we said were poor production values; poor acting; poor writing. But there’s been a sea change, and it’s a golden age of TV drama partly because networks have realised that if you give the power to the writers and to the show runners, then the shows are more consistent and interesting. They are not crawling with executives who f*** everything up, which they do.

What do you think – has TV exceeded movies for entertainment value? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

You can read the full interview HeyUGuys did with Linus Roache and Michael Hirst by clicking here.

Source: HeyUGuys – On set with the Vikings Part Three: “It’s a golden age; a renaissance. The scale of this show is like epic moviemaking.”

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)


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