Before Vikings Donal Logue Was Jimmy the Cab Driver on MTV

From annoying cab driver to Viking King:

Donal Logue stars as King Horik in History Channel's Vikings

In previous seasons of History Channel’s Vikings fans saw Donal Logue portray King Horik. But how did Donal get his big break?

Turns out it was back in the 90s on MTV as Jimmy the cab driver. Jimmy McBride prided himself on his music knowledge and would tell his captive audience of paying customers all about the music greats of that era. Donal revealed the following about his character:

Jimmy is a real innocent character … Total enthusiasm, but zero circumspection.

During the height of his MTV success, Donal even got a chance to guest host MTV‘s 120 Minutes alongside Greg Dulli from the Afghan Wings. You can watch a clip of this below (and apologies for the bad quality, but we only had VCR back then):


You can also check out Jimmy the cab driver in a couple of clips below:


Let us know what you think of Donal Logue as MTV‘s Jimmy McBride the annoying cab driver by commenting below!

Source: Rolling Stone – Jimmy the Cab Driver’s Greatest MTV Hits

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)


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