Travis Fimmel Gets Cheeky on Reddit!

Find out what the Ragnar actor had to say about Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings:

Travis Fimmel Q&A on Reddit

Earlier today, Travis Fimmel (who plays Ragnar Lothbrok in the upcoming Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings) took to Reddit in a Q&A for Vikings fans. In true Aussie style, the actor promptly began (to use an Aussie term) to ‘take the piss’ with his answers – much to the joy of the fans throwing questions his way!

Here’s some of the more hilarious responses to fan questions from Travis (as well as some of the equally funny responses back at him). But with over 1,300 comments, I am sure I have missed some! Also, be warned, grown up language ahead 😉

  • [–]zefareu What is your favorite sandwich, and what would Ragnar’s favorite sandwich be?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Vegemite and toast. And Ragnar’s favorite sandwich? Would be Athelstan and Lagertha.


  • [–]JelleC Hi Travis! Been a fan of the show since the beginning, I really like your portayal of Ragnar. What are your favorite moments/memories from set?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I liked tying Athelstan up to a tree in the first year. The sex scene with Lagertha was very enjoyable. And whenever we’re on the horses, I like that.


  • [–]crownofthorns88 Huge fan since day 1 of Vikings. You seem to have a more introverted personality and not much social media presence, do you plan as your fan base grows to get more involved on twitter/other media platforms?

[–]TravisFimmel[S]smiles I’ll stop at the Mac store on my way home. It’s hard with a flip phone.

[–]xTerraH Fuuuuuuccckkkk. Even offset you don’t stop being ragnor


  • [–]matsky Hey Travis. So one of my good friends reckons she taught you Jiu Jitsu when she lived in (or near) Seymour, Victoria, many moons ago. Is she full of shit? Vikings is my second favourite show ever by the way!

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I thought we were making love, I didn’t know we were doing Jiu Jitsu.

[–]matsky Oh yeah, she is going to love this reply! Thanks hahaha


  • [–]angmar2805 I have such a girl crush on Lagertha. Please tell me Rag and Lag will finally find some happiness together this season?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Hehe! Pffff. She left me, I didn’t leave her! We are, actually, cousins.

[–]RicardusAlpert Like, for real?? Or just for the sake of the joke?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Nah, it’s a joke. smirks

  • [–]annieplovers Hi Travis, how do you keep in shape & how tough if filiming Vikings?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] The weather’s the hardest thing. And I keep in shape by drinking whiskey instead of beer.


  • [–]shivan21 How is Ragnar Lothbrok? Is he cruel more than necessary or just enough to survive?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just tough love all ’round. Some people need an axe in the head, some people need a cuddle. Or both.

[–]_vargas_ Might want to leave that bit off the tinder profile


  • [–]Aleforge Standing back and looking at the show do you have a favorite character?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Lots of ’em. Athelstan, and King Ecbert, and there’s that one black horse I really like, with the funny eye.

[–]magicbearz Am I crazy, or does that horse teleport between England and Scandinavia on a semi-regular basis?


[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just as much as anybody else. I didn’t know much about them. Other than the love-making and borrowing stuff from others.

[–]Lawnboy490 Most politically correct way to say rape and pillage I think I’ll ever see


If you had to give one advice to Ragnar what would it be

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just go back to farming. Actually, go to Australia.


And because there is nothing sadder than a homesick Travis Fimmel:


  • [–]TravisWaters Hey Travis. i live in a small town in NSW Australia. And i would like to know what do you miss most about about Australia?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Small towns. Everything.


  • [–]davidbl1978 Hi Travis – I have heard that you do the fighting scenes yourself. Any cuts and bruises or are you a qualified viking now with an axe?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I’m not qualified, but it’s a great stunt team. I only got hurt emotionally.


If you want to read the entire Q&A with Travis Fimmel on Reddit, you can do so by clicking here.

Source: Reddit – Travis Fimmel here. Cherry picker, dairy farmer, you may know me as Ragnar on VIKINGS. AMA.

(Photo Credit: Reddit/Imgur)


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