Vikings Season 4: Episode 2 “Kill The Queen ” Recap

Amy Bailey stars as Queen Kwenthrith in season 4 of Hisotry Channel's Vikings
[Image via A&E Network]
So we find out what is happening in England in Episode 2 (entitled “Kill the Queen”) of History Channel’s Vikings. But what else is going down in season 4?


Firstly, over in England, it seems Queen Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) and her viking son, Magnus, has gotten herself in a spot of bother. Who knew that poisoning your brother in season 3 of Vikings could cause so much trouble? Anyway, it seems the people of Mercia don’t think Kwenthrith has a legitimate claim to the throne so have taken her prisoner.

Luckily though, a guard knows where the tower is in which she is being held captive. Surprisingly, it is also not a trap and King Ecbert (you know, the one who keeps putting his heir into danger so he can bang his son’s wife?) sends his son, Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) to rescue her.

A fairly drawn out battles ensues in which Kwenthrith gets to show of her awesomeness and Aethelwulf can display his fighting prowess. Long story short, Kwenthrith gets rescued and I’m pretty sure she will be ever so thankful to Aethelwulf. The only question is–will he return her advances?


You can read the rest of this recap at The Snarking Dead Recaps by clicking here.

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