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Pre-Order Your Funko Vikings POP Vinyls Now!

Order now for May 2015 arrival:

Funko POP Vinyl Ragnar

Recently we announced that History Channel’s Vikings was on the list to be glorified as Funko POP Vinyls figurines. Well, we can announce that the wait is almost over! May 2015 is the arrival date and you can pre-order the Vikings figures now.

On offer are five figures so far: Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Rollo (Clive Standen), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and the Seer (John Kavanagh):

While I am a bit disappointed not to see Helga (Maude Hirst) in the line up, I am more than impressed with just how creepy cute they have made the Seer! I am also surprised to see Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and, especially, Athelstan (George Blagden) missing from the line up.

You can pre-order the whole set or individually by clicking here.

Who are your faves – and which ones would you have liked to see developed? Let me know what you think of the new Vikings Funko POP Vinyl figures by commenting below!

Source: Funkos POP Vinyls – Funkos new Vikings POP Vinyls

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Vikings Season 3: Rollo’s Story is Only Just Beginning

Clive Standen reveals the motivation behind Rollo in History Channel’s Vikings:

Clive Standen stars as Rollo in History Channels Vikings

For Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother, Rollo, there has been plenty of ups and downs within the two short seasons of History Channel’s Vikings. However, the actor that plays Rollo, Clive Standen, reveals some of the motivation behind Rollo’s choices:

I feel that if we were to talk about the 21st century and people who self-harm, who may scar their wrists or cut themselves on their body with a sharp implement, it’s a way of almost taking away from the emotional pain – wanting to feel the physical pain. I feel a lot of the fighting in that first episode when Rollo goes into battle bare chested and beserking – the word of which comes from bare skin – is because he believes the day of his death and his fate was decided by the Gods when he was born. When he touches the knife he doesn’t seem to feel the pain, and so it’s a displacement for him – a way of almost avoiding the emotional pain that he’s feeling inside.

Rollo is a character that is very flawed, Standen relishes the role, one that he reveals will be expanding in Season 3:

Most of the main characters in the show are historical figures and any spoilers you want are all in the history books. The story of Rollo is only just beginning in season three, which we are filming right now, and so there is a long character arc.

While his story may be evolving in the new season, Clive explains how actions have already been set up in Season 1 and Season 2:

I loved putting those little beats in the first season that didn’t necessarily travel anywhere. Rather you were planting seeds for the future, and Michael Hirst is very good at doing things like that. You read something in a script and you think how on earth does this effect Rollo or why on earth am I saying this? Then you start to get the scripts for season two, and you realise that’s something that was probably setup eight episodes ago, and which is now at the forefront of the storyline.

You can read the full interview Clive Standen did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

What do you think Rollo’s story will be in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your theories by commenting below!

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with Clive Standen

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Who Will Die in Season 3 of Vikings?

Fans Are Warned A Favourite Character Will Die:


Season 2 Vikings promo pic 6
(Photo Credit: History Channel)

In History Channel’s Vikings fans expect death and violence. However, at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, the actor who plays the viking Rollo (Clive Standen) announced it was all over for a cast member recently on set for Season 3:

 We just lost one of our favorite people.

Alexander Ludwig (who plays Bjorn) followed up with:

Someone’s going to die.

While there was no confirmation that it is definitely a main character who is going to die in Season 3 of Vikings, Standen’s suggestion it was one of the cast’s favourite people indicates it was someone fairly well known to them. But who could it be?

There have been many rumours that Athelstan (played by George Blagden) will die. However, so far, there has been no substantiated quote from any member of the cast or crew that suggests this is true. Although, the fact that George has taken on the role of Louis XIV in the new TV series Versailles, has gotten plenty of fans worried that this may mean he has left Vikings.

Considering the History Channel and Vikings writer Michael Hirst both pride themselves on programs that are based largely on actual historical facts, it is unlikely that Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) son Bjorn will die in Season 3 either since, historically, he supersedes his father.

This still leaves plenty of room for other characters to die though. Who do you think it will be? Let us know your predictions by commenting below!

Source: Zap2It – ‘Vikings’ at Comic-Con 2014: First Season 3 teaser debuts and death is coming

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)