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Vikings Season 3 Will See Ragnar Head to [SPOILER]

Paris is Next on Ragnar’s Radar:

Season 2 Vikings promo pic 4
(Photo Credit: History Channel)

For fans of the History Channel’s Vikings, it seems England is not big enough for this show. Vikings writer, Michael Hirst announced at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year that Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) will have his eyes firmly set on raiding Paris. But this won’t be any small story arc, oh no, expect this battle to go forward into Season 4 of Vikings:

This isn’t a storyline that’s going to go away in a couple episodes. It’s a storyline that’s going right through the end of Season 3, into Season 4, and it has huge impact on several of our leading characters.

Huge impact? Hopefully this doesn’t mean we lose any of our favourite Vikings!

As per our earlier article, this raid on Paris will introduce some new characters, namely that of Emperor Charles of France played by Lothaire Bluteau and his daughter, Princess Gisla (played by Morgane Polanski). It is also possible the new character played by Kevin Durand (called The Wanderer) could also hail from France, but there is no definitive answer on this yet. Or perhaps he is someone they meet on the way to Paris?

Let us know your thoughts on Ragnar invading Paris in Season 3 of the History Channel’s Vikings by commenting below!

Source: Zap2It – ‘Vikings’ Michael Hirst: The raid on Paris lasts beyond Season 3

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)