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Want To Know The Real Story Behind The Lagertha? Here’s The Series For You!

UPDATED 09/02/2018

Have you been enjoying my recaps on History’s Vikings but have always wondered just how much of the show is based on historical fact?

Well, so have I.

As a result of this, I have created the Viking Secrets series which delves into the lives of famous Viking women and partnerships.

The very first novel is based on the historical literature and myths surrounding Lagertha. In modern culture, Lagertha is synonymous with being a headstrong female who can hold her own in battle. In Season 1 of History’s Vikings, Lagertha is already married to Ragnar Lothbrok. So how did they meet? Historically speaking, Ragnar Lodbrok first met her in brothel. Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar will delve into how this event occurred and how Lagertha and Ragnar ended up together.

If you think The Truth Behind: Lagertha will be just another history, you can think again. Each of The Truth Behind books will consist of two parts. The first part will be a fictional retelling of their tale based on their stories and sagas. So, if you are not so much about reading about history and prefer to get your history dose in much the same way History delivers Vikings, than Part One will be just for you! The second part consists of the history behind each character.

Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar is now available to purchase from Amazon.

The Truth About Lagertha And Ragnar by Rachel Tsoumbakos FINAL COVER ART 940 resize


Lagertha was known to be one of the wives of the famous Viking, Ragnar Lodbrok. But did you know they first met each other at a brothel? And just how long did their marriage last? Was Lagertha really the revered shield maiden we see her as today? The Truth behind: Lagertha aims to unravel all these secrets.

The Truth Behind: Lagertha is so much more than a history book though. While Part One examines the historical facts, Part Two brings her whole story to life with an historically accurate novella of her life.

The Truth Behind series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and other key historical figures that existed in the Viking era.

The Truth Behind: Lagertha aims to discover just how much of what we know of the shield maiden, Lagertha, in popular culture today is actually true.

Also available in this this series, is the booklet, Ragnar and the Women Who Loved Him. You can purchase this here. Alternatively, if you sign up to my mailing list here, the booklet is completely free!

Currently I am writing the third book in the series, Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar. Make sure you add it to your GoodReads list today!


Pre-Order Your Funko Vikings POP Vinyls Now!

Order now for May 2015 arrival:

Funko POP Vinyl Ragnar

Recently we announced that History Channel’s Vikings was on the list to be glorified as Funko POP Vinyls figurines. Well, we can announce that the wait is almost over! May 2015 is the arrival date and you can pre-order the Vikings figures now.

On offer are five figures so far: Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Rollo (Clive Standen), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and the Seer (John Kavanagh):

While I am a bit disappointed not to see Helga (Maude Hirst) in the line up, I am more than impressed with just how creepy cute they have made the Seer! I am also surprised to see Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and, especially, Athelstan (George Blagden) missing from the line up.

You can pre-order the whole set or individually by clicking here.

Who are your faves – and which ones would you have liked to see developed? Let me know what you think of the new Vikings Funko POP Vinyl figures by commenting below!

Source: Funkos POP Vinyls – Funkos new Vikings POP Vinyls

(Photo Credit: popvinyl.net)

Confirmation that Viking Warriors Included Females

Shield Maidens such as Lagertha are a possible reality:

Katheryn Winnick stars as shield maiden Lagertha in History Channel's Vikings

Thanks to many archaeologists who assumed Viking bones buried with weaponry were male, the idea of shield maidens was shelved to the ‘myths and legends’ section of history. But not now! Thanks to new research conducted by Shane McLeod of the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Western Australia, it seems some of the assumed bodies buried with swords and knives are actually women. Thanks to some burials of Norse immigrants starting to turn up in Eastern England, McLeod suggested:

There is some archaeological evidence for early Norse female settlement, most obviously oval brooches, but this evidence is minimal. The more difficult to date evidence of place names, personal names, and DNA samples derived from the modern population suggests that Norse women did migrate to England at some stage, but probably in far fewer numbers than Norse men.

As a result of this, the burials were investigated using DNA evidence rather than the assumption that corpses buried with weapons were only male. This study concluded with the following results:

These results, six female Norse migrants and seven male, should caution against assuming that the great majority of Norse migrants were male, despite the other forms of evidence suggesting the contrary. This result of almost a fifty-fifty ratio of Norse female migrants to Norse males is particularly significant when some of the problems with osteological sexing of skeletons are taken into account,

While many people were quick to assume this means women were also raiding along with their male counterparts, this has not actually yet been confirmed – although we are indeed one step closer! In reality, this study shows that there was an even split of male and female Viking settlers in England after they initially invaded around the time of 800-900 A.D. What is exciting to note though the fact that the Vikings buried their women with weapons, which suggests that, in life, these women were considered heroic or competent with these items.

What do you think? Is Lagertha fact or fiction? Let us know by commenting below!

Source: USA Today – Invasion of the Viking women unearthed

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Katheryn Winnick Discusses Lagertha’s Trademark Hairstyles

“A lot of attention and a lot of detail go into every piece of creating this character so that you can do your work internally”:

Lagerthas hair in History Channels Vikings

For many female fans of History Channel’s Vikings, it is the character of Lagertha that they strongly identify with. She is a strong female lead in a world where that is the norm – and women worldwide are getting in touch with their inner Lagertha as a result of this show!

Besides the fact that Lagertha is a shield maiden and Earl in her own right, it is often her hair that also draws a lot of attention. Recently, when HeyUGuys spoke to the actress that portrays Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick, while she was on location filming Season 3 of Vikings, she was quick to acknowledge the crew behind her character:

I think they definitely deserve a lot more credit than they have received. Joan Bergen does all of the costumes, and so much research and so much detail goes into every article and every piece of clothing. Every character from the leathers to the warrior outfits and armour, to the hair which is a whole different department are very different.

The Viking culture is known for its braided hair, but for Katheryn, on set Lagertha’s hair is discussed in great detail:

In the hair department when we sit down and read through the script they are so well prepared – okay, well this a vulnerable scene so I think Lagertha might have her hair in a softer way now or she is intimidating in battle sequences and so maybe it should be back to being stronger and also more practical to just to get it out of the way.

You can read the full interview Katheryn Winnick did with HeyUGuys by clicking here.

Source: HeyUGuys – On set with the Vikings Part Two: Katheryn Winnick Interview “I couldn’t throw spinning roundhouse kicks for Lagertha.”

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Michael Hirst: “I’m not interested in accuracy; I’m interested in truth”

Michael Hirst, the writer behind History Channel’s Vikings, discusses Season 3:

History Channel's Vikings writer Michael Hirst (Photo Credit: GamerHub.tv)

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings, the show starts and ends with the writer Michael Hirst. Every scene, story line and plot arc is researched, developed and written by Michael. But does he have a favourite character in Vikings?

No I don’t have a favourite one. They are very real to me, and so I feel that when I go to my study in the morning I go to talk to them, and to find out what they have been up to, what they are going to do, who’s going to be brutal, and who’s going to be naughty.

I have always liked writing about Athelstan [portrayed by actor George Blagden] because he’s Christian, and he was originally our way into a different world. I could imagine that he would share a lot of our values and our outlook – here he is going into a very different Pagan world. We could feel with and for him, and then of course he develops this spiritual crisis which is wonderful to write about, and which is really rich.

Hirst may base his scripts on research, however, when the Vikings had very little written work and all the historical evidence of them is based on what the Christians wrote of them, how does he balance fact and fiction? He had this to share:

The things that I do are really well researched, and are based on realities although they are not completely true. One thing is drama and the other is documentary, and I’m not writing documentary. Everything I do starts life as research. Ragnar [played by actor Travis Fimmel] was the first real Viking leader to emerge from myth and legend, but he was real and he had at least two wives and he loved his children. We know certain things about him. We know certain things about Viking society, but we don’t know a huge amount because they are the dark ages.

So I have certain given material that I like to use, and I always like to add to the drama and things that are real and plausible. I’m not interested in accuracy; I’m interested in truth. So I’m trying to tell the truth as I see it, as I’ve discovered it in my research in the story. So I would never take it into fantasy – I’m not interested in fantasy. So whether it is absolutely accurate or not a) I don’t know, b) You can’t tell and c) the head of Scandinavian studies at Harvard University who’s a Swedish professor who we showed him some of the first series to said, this was the first time his culture had ever been taken seriously.

Many people have suggested that the History Channel’s portrayal of women in Viking culture is incorrect – a point that Michael is quick to rectify:

I was pushing for … Lagertha [played by actress Katheryn Winnick] to be a major character, but to also have a lot of other women in the show – Shield Maidens. I’m really pleased to say that Lagertha is a feminist icon across the world. In American TV there is nobody like her – she’s a mother, wife and she kicks ass. It’s totally unique, although I got into a little bit of trouble because I read a couple of people telling me that wasn’t true, and it couldn’t be true. Women couldn’t really fight in the Shield Walls, because how could they fight these big hairy guys? They would have been killed easily. The show was pushing that too much, but recently – only a matter of a few months ago, a Viking grave was found from a battle and fifty per cent of the corpses were women. So we were right; we were absolutely right.

While Vikings is shot on a very tight budget, there is still room for epic portions of CGI when needed – especially when Ragnar Lothbrok takes on Paris in Season 3:

There will be a lot of CGI when we come to Paris, because we built a huge wall, and what we call two cheese graters – ladders to get up the walls. But when you see it there will be a hundred ladders, there will be a hundred boats because that was what actually happened.

You can read the full interview Michael Hirst did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

(Photo Credit: GamerHub.tv)

Ben Robson Joins the Cast of History Channel’s Vikings

Make way for Kalf, Lagertha’s second-in-command:

Ben Robson has been cast as Kalf in Season 3 of History Channels Vikings

Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings will find actor Ben Robson joining the cast as Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) trusted second-in-command, Kalf.

According to the Wikia on Vikings; “… [in a] Norse earl’s Hird (warband), Kalf would hold the rank or office of a Forungi (commander)“. Little more is known yet about Kalf’s role in Season 3, but if Lagertha trusts him, then that is good enough for us!

Ben Robson is best known for his roles in known for Dracula: The Dark Prince (2013), The Oldest Profession in Winnipeg (2011) and The Joint (2013).

Let us know your thoughts on Kalf’s role in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings by commenting below!

Source: Deadline – Ben Robson Joins History’s ‘Vikings’; Rob Morrow In ‘Texas Rising’

(Photo Credit: IMDb.com)

VIDEO: It’s a Season 3 Wrap of History Channel’s Vikings!

Check out the latest Season 3 wrap Flipagram video Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha Lothbrok) released on Instagram:

Katheryn Winnick stars as Lagertha Lothbrok in History Channels Vikings Season 3Fans of History Channel’s Vikings are in for a treat with the latest Season 3 wrap Flipagram video released by Lagertha actress, Katheryn Winnick. Released yesterday on her Instagram account, it shows all the great candid Season 3 photos taken while on the set of Vikings. There are plenty of familiar faces on display, as well as some new cast members.

Some of these images we have seen previously thanks to Katheryn posting them earlier on Instagram.

That’s a wrap! #Vikings Season 3

A video posted by Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) on Oct 10, 2014 at 12:15pm PDT

Let us know your thoughts on what will go down in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings by commenting below!

Source: Instagram – Katheryn Winnick

(Photo Credits: Instagram, Katheryn Winnick, History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)