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Travis Fimmel Gets Cheeky on Reddit!

Find out what the Ragnar actor had to say about Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings:

Travis Fimmel Q&A on Reddit

Earlier today, Travis Fimmel (who plays Ragnar Lothbrok in the upcoming Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings) took to Reddit in a Q&A for Vikings fans. In true Aussie style, the actor promptly began (to use an Aussie term) to ‘take the piss’ with his answers – much to the joy of the fans throwing questions his way!

Here’s some of the more hilarious responses to fan questions from Travis (as well as some of the equally funny responses back at him). But with over 1,300 comments, I am sure I have missed some! Also, be warned, grown up language ahead 😉

  • [–]zefareu What is your favorite sandwich, and what would Ragnar’s favorite sandwich be?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Vegemite and toast. And Ragnar’s favorite sandwich? Would be Athelstan and Lagertha.


  • [–]JelleC Hi Travis! Been a fan of the show since the beginning, I really like your portayal of Ragnar. What are your favorite moments/memories from set?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I liked tying Athelstan up to a tree in the first year. The sex scene with Lagertha was very enjoyable. And whenever we’re on the horses, I like that.


  • [–]crownofthorns88 Huge fan since day 1 of Vikings. You seem to have a more introverted personality and not much social media presence, do you plan as your fan base grows to get more involved on twitter/other media platforms?

[–]TravisFimmel[S]smiles I’ll stop at the Mac store on my way home. It’s hard with a flip phone.

[–]xTerraH Fuuuuuuccckkkk. Even offset you don’t stop being ragnor


  • [–]matsky Hey Travis. So one of my good friends reckons she taught you Jiu Jitsu when she lived in (or near) Seymour, Victoria, many moons ago. Is she full of shit? Vikings is my second favourite show ever by the way!

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I thought we were making love, I didn’t know we were doing Jiu Jitsu.

[–]matsky Oh yeah, she is going to love this reply! Thanks hahaha


  • [–]angmar2805 I have such a girl crush on Lagertha. Please tell me Rag and Lag will finally find some happiness together this season?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Hehe! Pffff. She left me, I didn’t leave her! We are, actually, cousins.

[–]RicardusAlpert Like, for real?? Or just for the sake of the joke?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Nah, it’s a joke. smirks

  • [–]annieplovers Hi Travis, how do you keep in shape & how tough if filiming Vikings?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] The weather’s the hardest thing. And I keep in shape by drinking whiskey instead of beer.


  • [–]shivan21 How is Ragnar Lothbrok? Is he cruel more than necessary or just enough to survive?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just tough love all ’round. Some people need an axe in the head, some people need a cuddle. Or both.

[–]_vargas_ Might want to leave that bit off the tinder profile


  • [–]Aleforge Standing back and looking at the show do you have a favorite character?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Lots of ’em. Athelstan, and King Ecbert, and there’s that one black horse I really like, with the funny eye.

[–]magicbearz Am I crazy, or does that horse teleport between England and Scandinavia on a semi-regular basis?


[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just as much as anybody else. I didn’t know much about them. Other than the love-making and borrowing stuff from others.

[–]Lawnboy490 Most politically correct way to say rape and pillage I think I’ll ever see


If you had to give one advice to Ragnar what would it be

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Just go back to farming. Actually, go to Australia.


And because there is nothing sadder than a homesick Travis Fimmel:


  • [–]TravisWaters Hey Travis. i live in a small town in NSW Australia. And i would like to know what do you miss most about about Australia?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Small towns. Everything.


  • [–]davidbl1978 Hi Travis – I have heard that you do the fighting scenes yourself. Any cuts and bruises or are you a qualified viking now with an axe?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] I’m not qualified, but it’s a great stunt team. I only got hurt emotionally.


If you want to read the entire Q&A with Travis Fimmel on Reddit, you can do so by clicking here.

Source: Reddit – Travis Fimmel here. Cherry picker, dairy farmer, you may know me as Ragnar on VIKINGS. AMA.

(Photo Credit: Reddit/Imgur)

Who Will Die and Who Will Divorce in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings?

Travis Fimmel Teases Fans on Reddit About Season 3 of Vikings!

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channels Vikings Season 3 promo pic

Recently Travis Fimmel (who plays Ragnar Lothbrok on History Channel’s Vikings) took to Reddit to answer fans questions about the show. While he was plenty cheeky in a lot of his answers (and you can read the funniest ones here), he also let slip some juicy tidbits about Season 3!

Here are some of the best I found:


  • [–]voicesinthebreezes How does Ragnar’s relationship with Athelstan fare this season? Do they continue to remain close, as they have the past two seasons..or do they begin to drift apart?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] No, the relationship gets better. It’s my favorite person to do scenes with.

 *This seems to weaken the theory that has been floating around about Athelstan dying in Season 3


  • [–]kiltsandrevenge Hey Travis! I have been a fan of Vikings since it premiered a couple years ago. I still have to say that my favorite scene was the one on the beach, where you were speaking to the Saxon in Old English and to your fellow Vikings in their language. Can we look forward to more scenes without any Modern English?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Yes. There’s a lot, yeah. Not specifically me, but some of the other characters.


  • [–]DannyelConzo What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on set of Vikings?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Ehm – wipes face – in an upcoming episode, once I finish a stunt, and I’m walking off camera, I slipped and fell into the water when I wasn’t supposed to be wet.

 *While this isn’t really a spoiler for Season 3, it is still something to look out for.


[–]TravisFimmel[S] This year? strokes beard It’s a turning point in the plot, and it saves me getting up 40 minutes earlier than I have to.


  • [–]nanostryn Hello Travis, are we ever going to see the wanderer that gave the sunstone to ragnar or the murderer of Haraldson’s boys?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] You’ll see them this year.

*You can find details on the Wanderer here and here.


[–]TravisFimmel[S] Number 11. No, I’m joking, there’s only 10, sorry! Six.


  • [–]sophiesansa Hi Travis! In your opinion, do you think Ragnar still harbors feelings for Lagertha?

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Anybody in Ragnar’s family, he loves. He’s just full of love. But Ragnar’s ex-wife hates him as much as his current wife does, and I’m sure his next ex-wife will hate him too.

*In the Viking sagas, Ragnar is reputed to have three wives, so is Travis suggesting he will be divorcing Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) in Season 3?


  • [–]monkeyinferrari I love Vikings! I read in an interview of Hirst that it was your idea to have Ragnar decorate his ship with severed heads (as we can see in the S3 trailer). How did you come up with that? It’s quite the sight.

[–]TravisFimmel[S] Well, that was both our ideas. I think – if I remember – we already had the dead heads there, and I just wanted to be one of the heads amongst the dead heads. So that was mostly Michael’s ideas.


[–]TravisFimmel[S] Oh, it was great. He was a great character on the show. Very nice fella.

[–]likealemur was?

[–]SenorVolf Oh, shit.

[–]likealemur That’s what I was thinking.

*This might just be an unintentional slip of the tongue or, otherwise, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) could totally be the character dying this season.


[–]TravisFimmel[S] It’s gonna be amazing. We’re going to see a Paris that the world has never seen, Paris in the 800s.


You can read the full Q&A with Travis Fimmel on Reddit by clicking here.

So, what are your predictions for Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Source: Reddit – Travis Fimmel here. Cherry picker, dairy farmer, you may know me as Ragnar on VIKINGS. AMA.

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Pre-Order Your Funko Vikings POP Vinyls Now!

Order now for May 2015 arrival:

Funko POP Vinyl Ragnar

Recently we announced that History Channel’s Vikings was on the list to be glorified as Funko POP Vinyls figurines. Well, we can announce that the wait is almost over! May 2015 is the arrival date and you can pre-order the Vikings figures now.

On offer are five figures so far: Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), Rollo (Clive Standen), Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and the Seer (John Kavanagh):

While I am a bit disappointed not to see Helga (Maude Hirst) in the line up, I am more than impressed with just how creepy cute they have made the Seer! I am also surprised to see Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and, especially, Athelstan (George Blagden) missing from the line up.

You can pre-order the whole set or individually by clicking here.

Who are your faves – and which ones would you have liked to see developed? Let me know what you think of the new Vikings Funko POP Vinyl figures by commenting below!

Source: Funkos POP Vinyls – Funkos new Vikings POP Vinyls

(Photo Credit: popvinyl.net)

Michael Hirst: “I’m not interested in accuracy; I’m interested in truth”

Michael Hirst, the writer behind History Channel’s Vikings, discusses Season 3:

History Channel's Vikings writer Michael Hirst (Photo Credit: GamerHub.tv)

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings, the show starts and ends with the writer Michael Hirst. Every scene, story line and plot arc is researched, developed and written by Michael. But does he have a favourite character in Vikings?

No I don’t have a favourite one. They are very real to me, and so I feel that when I go to my study in the morning I go to talk to them, and to find out what they have been up to, what they are going to do, who’s going to be brutal, and who’s going to be naughty.

I have always liked writing about Athelstan [portrayed by actor George Blagden] because he’s Christian, and he was originally our way into a different world. I could imagine that he would share a lot of our values and our outlook – here he is going into a very different Pagan world. We could feel with and for him, and then of course he develops this spiritual crisis which is wonderful to write about, and which is really rich.

Hirst may base his scripts on research, however, when the Vikings had very little written work and all the historical evidence of them is based on what the Christians wrote of them, how does he balance fact and fiction? He had this to share:

The things that I do are really well researched, and are based on realities although they are not completely true. One thing is drama and the other is documentary, and I’m not writing documentary. Everything I do starts life as research. Ragnar [played by actor Travis Fimmel] was the first real Viking leader to emerge from myth and legend, but he was real and he had at least two wives and he loved his children. We know certain things about him. We know certain things about Viking society, but we don’t know a huge amount because they are the dark ages.

So I have certain given material that I like to use, and I always like to add to the drama and things that are real and plausible. I’m not interested in accuracy; I’m interested in truth. So I’m trying to tell the truth as I see it, as I’ve discovered it in my research in the story. So I would never take it into fantasy – I’m not interested in fantasy. So whether it is absolutely accurate or not a) I don’t know, b) You can’t tell and c) the head of Scandinavian studies at Harvard University who’s a Swedish professor who we showed him some of the first series to said, this was the first time his culture had ever been taken seriously.

Many people have suggested that the History Channel’s portrayal of women in Viking culture is incorrect – a point that Michael is quick to rectify:

I was pushing for … Lagertha [played by actress Katheryn Winnick] to be a major character, but to also have a lot of other women in the show – Shield Maidens. I’m really pleased to say that Lagertha is a feminist icon across the world. In American TV there is nobody like her – she’s a mother, wife and she kicks ass. It’s totally unique, although I got into a little bit of trouble because I read a couple of people telling me that wasn’t true, and it couldn’t be true. Women couldn’t really fight in the Shield Walls, because how could they fight these big hairy guys? They would have been killed easily. The show was pushing that too much, but recently – only a matter of a few months ago, a Viking grave was found from a battle and fifty per cent of the corpses were women. So we were right; we were absolutely right.

While Vikings is shot on a very tight budget, there is still room for epic portions of CGI when needed – especially when Ragnar Lothbrok takes on Paris in Season 3:

There will be a lot of CGI when we come to Paris, because we built a huge wall, and what we call two cheese graters – ladders to get up the walls. But when you see it there will be a hundred ladders, there will be a hundred boats because that was what actually happened.

You can read the full interview Michael Hirst did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

(Photo Credit: GamerHub.tv)

Travis Fimmel Discusses the Seedy Underbelly of Vikings Season 3

Travis Fimmel loves playing Ragnar Lothbrok for the ‘little corruption underneath’:

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channels Vikings

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings, there has been little news to report yet on the upcoming Season 3, which makes the wait for its return seem even longer. However, recently an interview with lead actor, Travis Fimmel (who plays main character, Ragnar Lothbrok) came to light which rewards the fans with plenty of new information.

According to Travis, he loves playing Ragnar because:

I like stuff that he has going on, the little corruption underneath … and a lot of it’s bullshitting in a way if you know what I mean. A lot of things he says is just to keep people happy. It’s stuff he doesn’t mean, although that’s more in season three that that comes to light. But there is a lot of secret stuff that you can have and play that’s not necessarily on the page.

So it seems we might find Ragnar with some of his secrets revealed in Season 3. It is any guess as to what underhandedness will be exposed and what the consequences of this will be for Ragnar and his family.

Travis went on to expand on Ragnar’s secrets in relation to the Season 2 finale episode (entitled The Lord’s Prayer) and the revelation that Ragnar only uttered the words to The Lord’s Prayer throughout this episode:

I just felt that whatever I was saying in the episodes leading up were getting me into trouble, and so I thought you could say more without actually saying anything. If you don’t say anything then you don’t give anything away. There is a whole planned conspiracy thing going on, and so Ragnar doesn’t trust anybody. If he tells somebody then he gets hurt, and there is nobody he trusts to say anything to – secrets are better if nobody knows them.

So what else did Travis reveal about Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Well, he had this to say about his son Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) and their parting in Season 2:

Well he goes away or was taken away from me, and I think he was a little bit girly when he came back. So I’ve got issues with that, but any father who has his son taken away from him ends up being pretty angry, and wants to lash out and blame other people. But his son is still by far the most important thing to him – the kids are a lot more important to Ragnar than the women. He likes women; loves his children.

It will be very interesting to see how this relationship develops. Let us know your thoughts and theories on Season 3 of Vikings by commenting below!

You can read the full interview Travis Fimmel did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with leading man Travis Fimmel

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Will Erlendur Be Ragnar’s Downfall in Vikings Season 3?

Could saving Horik’s son Erlendur in the Season 2 finale of History Channel’s Vikings turn into a HUGE mistake?

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channels Vikings Season 2 finale

In the Season 2 finale of History Channel’s Vikings, we found Ragnar Lothbrok taking the life of King Horik (Donal Logue). However, he was compassionate enough to spare the life of Horik’s son, Erlendur (portrayed by actor Edvin Endre) – will this turn out to be his greatest mistake?

While, historically, it is suggested that Ragnar was killed after being thrown into a pit of snakes by King Ælla (or, alternatively, Aelle) of Northumbria (played by Ivan Kaye in the TV series). This resulted in Ragnar’s sons avenging their father’s death by invading England with the Great Heathen Army. However, according to historical scholars, it is not certain that Ragnar Lothbrok even existed – or, if he did, perhaps he is an amalgamation of several key historical figures.

Keeping this in mind, is it possible Horik’s son Erlendur could be the downfall of Ragnar? Vikings writer, Michael Hirst, had this to say on the matter:

Ragnar reprieved him … Erlendur has been impressed by the idea of going to farm in England. And in his pocket he has a handful of mud, earth from England. When Ragnar sees him with this handful of dirt, he knows that he’s thinking along the same lines, that they’re connected in some way. So he spares him. But, of course, that turns out to be a terrible decision in the end.

It sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Let us know your thoughts on what might happen between Ragnar and Erlendur in Season 3 of Vikings by commenting below!

Source: Huffington Post – ‘Vikings’ Finale Scoop: Creator Reveals All, Including Next Stop On Ragnar’s World Tour

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Michael Hurst Discusses His Inspiration Behind Vikings

Hirst insists on remaining true to history:

Season 2 Vikings promo pic 10
(Photo Credit: History Channel)

Michael Hirst is one extraordinary writer. While many TV shows have a group of writers that are called on to write each episode of any given TV series, for History Channel’s Vikings, Michael is very much going solo. Although it is something he prefers:

I must be a control freak and don’t give away anything … It’s my thoughts and my ideas, and I have very strong thoughts about Ragnar and Lagertha, and all of these characters. I just love these characters and I love being with them, so why would I give that away? … It is hard. I confess, it does get hard. Last season, there was a moment when I was writing, we had a director shooting his two episodes and he wanted rewrites, and we had a director that was prepping the next two episodes and she wanted rewrites, and I hadn’t written the last two episodes. So, I was writing six episodes simultaneously, and that was hard. But in the back of my mind, I always knew what I wanted to say.

While it may be challenging at times, Michael’s admiration for the Vikings occurred long before the History Channel series:

After I’d written Elizabeth, I wrote a screenplay about an English king called Alfred the Great, who fought the Vikings. I did some research about the Vikings and I realized that there wasn’t much to research about them. No one knew about the Vikings, but I was interested in their sagas, their myths and their gods. I hoped that, one day, I could talk about it. Ultimately, two years ago, someone said, “Do you want to write about the Vikings?” And I did. To write about the Vikings is not a punishment. It’s a gift. It’s fantastic.

And his idea to follow the story of viking Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel in the TV series)? It actually wasn’t his! A Dark Ages historian who is a friend of Michael’s told him to look into the history of Ragnar since he is not only the first viking to emerge out of history, but he was the first person to attack England. On top of all that, Ragnar has a lot of sons. To Michael, this advantage meant he was creating a TV series that could, potentially, go on for a very long time.

While Vikings is a TV show that is set in an era of time which has very little written history, Michael insists on staying as true to history as possible – even when it involves such brutality as the blood eagle punishment inflicted on Jal Borg (played by Thorbjørn Harr) in Episode 7 of Season 2 (entitled Blood Eagle):

It’s a very important episode to me. It’s a very significant episode, and I think that everyone who watched it will never forget it. It gets you deeper into the Vikings experience, and it’s a profound experience that you were witness to, with suffering and spirituality. Those are the two things that are very basic to this show. There is suffering and fighting, and all of that, but it’s always attached to something greater, with spirituality, religion and belief. It was very important to me that it’s not for shock value. It was not gratuitous. I don’t write anything, and I don’t want anything to be shown, that’s gratuitous. What I write is what actually happened. The Vikings were like that for particular reasons, such as their faith.

You can read the full interview Michael Hirst did with Collider by clicking here.

Source: Collider – Show Creator Michael Hirst Talks VIKINGS, Compelling Stories, Finding the Hero, Writing Every Episode, and the Outcome of the Episode “Blood Eagle”

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)