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History Channel’s Vikings Season 2 Now Available on DVD & BluRay

Fill in time until Season 3 of Vikings premieres by reliving Season 2 all over again:

History Channel's Vikings Season 2 DVD and BluRay coverIf you can’t wait until Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings premieres sometime in the northern hemisphere’s summer of 2015, why not watch Season 2 all over again?

Season 2 is now available to order through Amazon on DVD and BluRay and via the History Channel shop. If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up a copy of Vikings Season 1 to complete you collection as well! Additionally, if you order Season 2 on BluRay you will get exclusive unrated episodes!

As yet there has been no release information for Season 2 of Vikings via any other outlets, although you can still purchase individual episodes of Season 2 via iTunes.

Oder your copy now:


Alternatively, if you are an Amazon Instant Video member, you can watch Vikings Season 2 immediately:

Watch Instantly with         Per Episode        Buy Season
Vikings Season 2                   $1.99                      $16.99
Vikings Season 2 [HD]       $2.99                      $25.99


Journey to a thrilling ancient world in this epic new series about history’s bravest and most brutally fearsome warriors…VIKINGS. Ragnar, a would-be Viking chieftain, longs to fulfill his destiny as an explorer and conqueror, alongside his ambitious brother Rollo and loyal wife Lagertha. But as Ragnar leads daring raids in distant realms across the ocean, treacherous forces in his Norse homeland conspire against him. Faced with shocking betrayals and the temptations of a mysterious seductress, Ragnar must wage war on the battlefield — and within himself — to protect his freedom, family and life.

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(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)