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History’s ‘Vikings’ Season 4B: A Non-Spoiler Review

History's 'Vikings,' Season 4 Part 2, Lagertha
[Image via Jonathan Hession/History]
So, Season 4 of Vikings returns in only two weeks time! Who’s excited?

History have been kind enough to allow me access to the first three episode of Season 4B. While I cannot spoil anything, here’s the break down of what to expect in the Season 4 return …

Source: Vikings Season 4 Return: My Non-Spoiler Review

Want To Know The Real Story Behind The Lagertha? Here’s The Series For You!

UPDATED 09/02/2018

Have you been enjoying my recaps on History’s Vikings but have always wondered just how much of the show is based on historical fact?

Well, so have I.

As a result of this, I have created the Viking Secrets series which delves into the lives of famous Viking women and partnerships.

The very first novel is based on the historical literature and myths surrounding Lagertha. In modern culture, Lagertha is synonymous with being a headstrong female who can hold her own in battle. In Season 1 of History’s Vikings, Lagertha is already married to Ragnar Lothbrok. So how did they meet? Historically speaking, Ragnar Lodbrok first met her in brothel. Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar will delve into how this event occurred and how Lagertha and Ragnar ended up together.

If you think The Truth Behind: Lagertha will be just another history, you can think again. Each of The Truth Behind books will consist of two parts. The first part will be a fictional retelling of their tale based on their stories and sagas. So, if you are not so much about reading about history and prefer to get your history dose in much the same way History delivers Vikings, than Part One will be just for you! The second part consists of the history behind each character.

Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar is now available to purchase from Amazon.

The Truth About Lagertha And Ragnar by Rachel Tsoumbakos FINAL COVER ART 940 resize


Lagertha was known to be one of the wives of the famous Viking, Ragnar Lodbrok. But did you know they first met each other at a brothel? And just how long did their marriage last? Was Lagertha really the revered shield maiden we see her as today? The Truth behind: Lagertha aims to unravel all these secrets.

The Truth Behind: Lagertha is so much more than a history book though. While Part One examines the historical facts, Part Two brings her whole story to life with an historically accurate novella of her life.

The Truth Behind series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and other key historical figures that existed in the Viking era.

The Truth Behind: Lagertha aims to discover just how much of what we know of the shield maiden, Lagertha, in popular culture today is actually true.

Also available in this this series, is the booklet, Ragnar and the Women Who Loved Him. You can purchase this here. Alternatively, if you sign up to my mailing list here, the booklet is completely free!

Currently I am writing the third book in the series, Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar. Make sure you add it to your GoodReads list today!

Vikings Season 4 Mid-Season Finale: Episode 10 “The Last Ship” Recap

History Channel Vikings Season 4 Episode 10 The Last Ship Frankish ships approach the longships
[Image via A&E Network]
Welcome to the worst Vikings finale episode ever. While I completely loved the battle scene, History Channel really should have just stuck with that rather than adding on a time hop and ruining everything. Here’s the recap for Episode 10, entitled “The Last Ship” of History Channel’s Vikings Season 4 mid-season finale.

The Epic Battle Between Ragnar And Rollo

Okay, so while I hated the time jump at the end of the episode, I was completely captivated by the battle scene at the start. If History Channel had mad a longer battle scene or a shorter episode I would have been completely happy with this episode. The battle between Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Rollo (Clive Standen) was really hard work. But in a good way. I love how History Channel has managed to bring a more realistic version of battle to our TV screens. While I love the big production numbers with their sword fighting and battle axes lopping off body parts, it is the hand to hand combat that has shone this season. Vikings fans get to see battle up close and personal, all the sweat, the blood, the sheer determination. but, most importantly, the sheer struggle against fatigue. We saw it as Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) tried to rescue Queen Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) and we have seen it again between Ragnar and Rollo.

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Vikings Season 4: Episode 9 “Death All ‘Round” Recap

History Channel Vikings Season 4 Episode 9 Death All 'Round Lagertha looks fierce
[Image via A&E Network]
Here’s the recap for episode 9, entitled “Death All ‘Round” of season 4 of Vikings. This episode is basically a bridging episode to get you from one epic battle at Paris to the next epic battle of Paris that seems likely to occur in the mid-season finale of Vikings. While bridging episodes can quite often drag, “Death All ‘Round” is literal so strap yourself in and get ready for even more destruction.

Paris–Where the Vikings Are

Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) plan to drag all the Viking longships across the land is still in full swing. While they labour hard viewers still get to see Vikings doing the normal raping and pillaging. Although this stereotype seems to fall into two groups; the King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) camp that thoroughly relishes in it and Bjorn’s (Alexander Ludwig) camp who are less inclined to make undeserving people suffer.

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Vikings Season 4: Episode 8 “Portage” Recap

Vikings Season 4 Episode 8 Portage Ragnar Lothbrok Travis Fimmel Bernard Walsh
[Image via Bernard Walsh/A&E Network]
Just when you thought episode 7 of Vikings was pretty traumatic, History Channel brings us episode 8 (entitled “Portage”). Make sure you are sitting down and have your tissues ready for this recap!

Outside Paris

So Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) is totally getting bagged out for the defeat at Paris we saw in episode 7 of Vikings. And it turns out this is the best thing for him as he devises an ingenious plan to get the vikings past the forts and into Paris. The title of this episode is the dead give away. “Portage” is a word used to describe the transportation of water vessels across land between two bodies of water. And that is exactly what happens. To be just that little more epic, Ragnar decides the vikings must pull their longships up some high cliffs first using an endless supply of wood that they must have found under some seats on their vessels. Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard), who was saved by Ragnar in the previous episode ofVikings is all Team Ragnar now and comes up with the ways and means to not only get the ships onto land but then across it.

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Vikings Season 4: Episode 6 “What Might Have Been” Recap

History Channel Vikings Season 4 Episode 6 What Might Have Been Longships 2
[Image via A&E Network]
Here’s what went down in episode 6, entitled “What Might Have Been” of season 4 of Vikings.


Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is performing a ritual over Kalf’s (Ben Robson) grave before she leaves to raid. She speaks to Torvi’s (Georgia Hirst) son and tells him to keep his friends close but his enemies closer and who should arrive, but Erlendur (Edvin Endre), the enemy personified. Taking her own advice, she invites Erlendur to travel to Paris on her boat.

Kattegat (Part 1)

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) is also preparing to leave for Paris, but first he must initiate his eldest sons to Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) into the viking way. Reminiscent of when Bjorn (then played by Nathan O’Toole) also got his viking band, Aslaug is pissy, stating she thinks the boys are too young to go to Paris with Ragnar. Ragnar, on the other hand, reminds her of just how much danger they were placed in the last time he left them. So this is what a viking custody battle looks like. Then, later on when Aslaug is naked and breastfeeding Ivar, I can totally see how the boys could all end up as serial killers if left under the instruction of their mother, the very woman who thinks there is nothing wrong with her son bludgeoning another child to death for no good reason.

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Vikings Season 4: Episode 5 “Promised” Recap

Katheryn Winnick stars as Lagertha in Episode 5 Promised Season 4 of History Channel's Vikings
[Image via A&E Network]
Here’s what went down in episode 5, entitled “Promised” of season 4 of Vikings.


This week in Kattegat, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) are discussing who is the shittiest husband ever and I am pretty sure Ragnar has this one in the bag. But then Torvi (Georgia Hirst) wants to talk about their relationship and Bjorn edges up in the shitty hubby department quicker than I expected. However that conversation takes an unexpected turn of events and Bjorn finally finds out who the ring belongs to he found on the beserker that attacked him.

When Bjorn isn’t being a shitty husband, he is channeling his shitty father and being a smart arse to King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen). While Finehair is all about bragging about his boats and army, Bjorn is making penis envy comments that are burning the fuck out of Harald and making me suddenly like the new improved touched by a bear Bjorn.



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