Katheryn Winnick Discusses Lagertha’s Trademark Hairstyles

“A lot of attention and a lot of detail go into every piece of creating this character so that you can do your work internally”:

Lagerthas hair in History Channels Vikings

For many female fans of History Channel’s Vikings, it is the character of Lagertha that they strongly identify with. She is a strong female lead in a world where that is the norm – and women worldwide are getting in touch with their inner Lagertha as a result of this show!

Besides the fact that Lagertha is a shield maiden and Earl in her own right, it is often her hair that also draws a lot of attention. Recently, when HeyUGuys spoke to the actress that portrays Lagertha, Katheryn Winnick, while she was on location filming Season 3 of Vikings, she was quick to acknowledge the crew behind her character:

I think they definitely deserve a lot more credit than they have received. Joan Bergen does all of the costumes, and so much research and so much detail goes into every article and every piece of clothing. Every character from the leathers to the warrior outfits and armour, to the hair which is a whole different department are very different.

The Viking culture is known for its braided hair, but for Katheryn, on set Lagertha’s hair is discussed in great detail:

In the hair department when we sit down and read through the script they are so well prepared – okay, well this a vulnerable scene so I think Lagertha might have her hair in a softer way now or she is intimidating in battle sequences and so maybe it should be back to being stronger and also more practical to just to get it out of the way.

You can read the full interview Katheryn Winnick did with HeyUGuys by clicking here.

Source: HeyUGuys – On set with the Vikings Part Two: Katheryn Winnick Interview “I couldn’t throw spinning roundhouse kicks for Lagertha.”

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)


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