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Celebrate the Vikings Season 2 Release with the Valhalla Dish!

Offer open for one night only (TONIGHT) and only in Sydney, Australia:


Looking for something to do with your Friday night that involves your fave TV show, Vikings? Want to be one of 50 lucky fans that will receive a free copy of Season 2 of History Channel’s Vikings on DVD? Then check out the details below:

With the release of the newest season of Vikings, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has collaborated with Swine & Co., a trendy new restaurant in Sydney, to create a rather interesting marketing event.

For a limited time, Michael Box (the Head Chef), has a special viking-inspired dish on offer at the Swine & Co. The Valhalla Swine dish is available for special order and consist pf roasted pork belly, yellow beetroot puree, toasted rye and oats with a pork reduction dressing alongside tarragon cream with pickled apple pieces.

The dish will be available for tomorrow night only [Friday 7th November 2014], with the first 50 orders receiving a free DVD copy of the second season of Vikings. Bookings are available here with the price of the Valhalla dish listed as $34.

Let us know if you will be attending this event tonight by commenting below!

Source: Capsule Computers – Valhalla dish in Sydney to celebrate Vikings Season 2

(Photo Credit: Swine & Co)

Vikings Season 3: Rollo’s Story is Only Just Beginning

Clive Standen reveals the motivation behind Rollo in History Channel’s Vikings:

Clive Standen stars as Rollo in History Channels Vikings

For Ragnar Lothbrok’s brother, Rollo, there has been plenty of ups and downs within the two short seasons of History Channel’s Vikings. However, the actor that plays Rollo, Clive Standen, reveals some of the motivation behind Rollo’s choices:

I feel that if we were to talk about the 21st century and people who self-harm, who may scar their wrists or cut themselves on their body with a sharp implement, it’s a way of almost taking away from the emotional pain – wanting to feel the physical pain. I feel a lot of the fighting in that first episode when Rollo goes into battle bare chested and beserking – the word of which comes from bare skin – is because he believes the day of his death and his fate was decided by the Gods when he was born. When he touches the knife he doesn’t seem to feel the pain, and so it’s a displacement for him – a way of almost avoiding the emotional pain that he’s feeling inside.

Rollo is a character that is very flawed, Standen relishes the role, one that he reveals will be expanding in Season 3:

Most of the main characters in the show are historical figures and any spoilers you want are all in the history books. The story of Rollo is only just beginning in season three, which we are filming right now, and so there is a long character arc.

While his story may be evolving in the new season, Clive explains how actions have already been set up in Season 1 and Season 2:

I loved putting those little beats in the first season that didn’t necessarily travel anywhere. Rather you were planting seeds for the future, and Michael Hirst is very good at doing things like that. You read something in a script and you think how on earth does this effect Rollo or why on earth am I saying this? Then you start to get the scripts for season two, and you realise that’s something that was probably setup eight episodes ago, and which is now at the forefront of the storyline.

You can read the full interview Clive Standen did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

What do you think Rollo’s story will be in Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Let us know your theories by commenting below!

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with Clive Standen

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Travis Fimmel Discusses the Seedy Underbelly of Vikings Season 3

Travis Fimmel loves playing Ragnar Lothbrok for the ‘little corruption underneath’:

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in the History Channels Vikings

For fans of History Channel’s Vikings, there has been little news to report yet on the upcoming Season 3, which makes the wait for its return seem even longer. However, recently an interview with lead actor, Travis Fimmel (who plays main character, Ragnar Lothbrok) came to light which rewards the fans with plenty of new information.

According to Travis, he loves playing Ragnar because:

I like stuff that he has going on, the little corruption underneath … and a lot of it’s bullshitting in a way if you know what I mean. A lot of things he says is just to keep people happy. It’s stuff he doesn’t mean, although that’s more in season three that that comes to light. But there is a lot of secret stuff that you can have and play that’s not necessarily on the page.

So it seems we might find Ragnar with some of his secrets revealed in Season 3. It is any guess as to what underhandedness will be exposed and what the consequences of this will be for Ragnar and his family.

Travis went on to expand on Ragnar’s secrets in relation to the Season 2 finale episode (entitled The Lord’s Prayer) and the revelation that Ragnar only uttered the words to The Lord’s Prayer throughout this episode:

I just felt that whatever I was saying in the episodes leading up were getting me into trouble, and so I thought you could say more without actually saying anything. If you don’t say anything then you don’t give anything away. There is a whole planned conspiracy thing going on, and so Ragnar doesn’t trust anybody. If he tells somebody then he gets hurt, and there is nobody he trusts to say anything to – secrets are better if nobody knows them.

So what else did Travis reveal about Season 3 of History Channel’s Vikings? Well, he had this to say about his son Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) and their parting in Season 2:

Well he goes away or was taken away from me, and I think he was a little bit girly when he came back. So I’ve got issues with that, but any father who has his son taken away from him ends up being pretty angry, and wants to lash out and blame other people. But his son is still by far the most important thing to him – the kids are a lot more important to Ragnar than the women. He likes women; loves his children.

It will be very interesting to see how this relationship develops. Let us know your thoughts and theories on Season 3 of Vikings by commenting below!

You can read the full interview Travis Fimmel did with Flickering Myth by clicking here.

Source: Flickering Myth – Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with leading man Travis Fimmel

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)

Ragnar Lothbrok Only Says [Spoiler] During the Season 2 Finale!

Did anyone notice what Ragnar recited during Episode 10?

Travis Fimmel stars as Ragnar Lothbrok in History Channel's Vikings

The title of Episode 10 should give you a hint: The Lord’ s Prayer. That’s right, while Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Aussie Travis Fimmel) was present in a large amount of Episode 10 of the Season 2 finale of History Channel’s Vikings, the only words he uttered were those of the Lord’s Prayer!

According to writer Michael Hirst, this was actually Travis’s idea:

Travis and I have a good relationship — we discuss all the scripts and he’s very thoughtful. I don’t know if you noticed, because I slipped it in without many people noticing, but one of the things that Travis said to me as we got to the last episode was, “I don’t know if we can swing this, but all I want to say in the last episode is the Lord’s Prayer. So I’m gonna be in loads of scenes, but I’m not going to speak. The only thing I’m going to say is the Lord’s Prayer.” And I just thought that was so cool … because he’s there, he’s present, and there were lots of lines that he had about going back to England and the farming. But Bjorn says them all. Which is a good thing for Bjorn, too, because he’s giving him responsibilities. But the fact that this Viking leader only says the Lord’s Prayer is so mysterious and wonderful and challenging and fantastic that I just thought it was cool. I said, “I can’t tell anyone I’m going to do that, but I am going to do that.” And as I said, you don’t notice because he’s still present.

Did you notice this or are you just as surprised as we are? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly – ‘Vikings’ postmortem: Creator Michael Hirst on [spoiler’s] death, season three, and Ragnar’s new role

(Photo Credit: History Channel, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.)